FESTAR technical advantages

FESTAR physicalize your imagination, the ultimate choice of the craftsman. Our tools will be the only way to realize your vision and design.

Premium Materials:

Mostly made of Chromium-molybdenum and Chromium-vanadium steel, FESTAR products have good hardenability. What does this mean? Compared with other materials that can only be surface-hardened, Chromium-molybdenum steel can be deeply hardened which means the product can be processed at higher temperatures and will result in a more beautiful surface and better quality. On the other hand, Chromium-vanadium steel is considered one of the hardest metals. After heat treatment, it can reach up to 60 HRC hardness and it has a good abrasion resistance. These materials guarantee a long product lifespan that can reach up to five to 10 years, if used under normal conditions.
Note: What tools are good to take factory maps.

Exclusive Japanese Heat Treatment Technology:

FESTAR makes use of top heat treatment technology which is rooted in Japanese craftsmanship. This ensures a perfect hardness of each product. The outer steel is soft inside and delivers results during use. It’s not easily damaged even when hit with a hammer.

First-Rate Product Design:

FESTAR products are certified – meeting the requirements of both GS and ISO. For example, our wrenches have a torque test result that is two to five times higher than the standard. Each product is designed to meet the needs of customers, taking into consideration their every requirement. Our products have undergone rigorous tests until they are perfect then we mass-produce them to provide quality products to customers. For the grip of scissors alone, our professional researchers used a mechanical testing software to test and improve it to make sure it can provide a comfortable angle and arc for development. Suffice to say, we are detail-oriented to make sure each FESTAR product can deliver excellent results. We even have professional quality inspectors to check even the smallest screw pattern repeatedly just to make sure it passes our quality requirements before packing and shipping.

Innovation and Top Quality Control

FESTAR keeps up with technology to stay ahead. It strives to develop new products while improving its current product line. We value customer feedback. Whether it’s good or bad, we factor their reviews in and make sure we get back to them as soon as possible.