Crowfoot use

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【Festar Tools】American Tool Brand – Crowfoot

Why do we need crowfoot? What is the function of crowfoot?

Crowfoot, is mainly used for repairing cars and large vehicles, such as trucks, the main design of it is to reach places where it’s more difficult for common wrenches and ratchet wrenches to reach. Knowing how to use crowfoot is important, it’s easy to damage your bolts and nuts if used incorrectly, we will introduce you to the different types of crowfoot and the correct ways to use them.

When do we need crowfoot?

There are a lot of different crowfoot on the market, such as 6 point crowfoot, 12 point crowfoot and so on, these different types of crowfoot brought about an important feature, which is that it can be used on torque wrenches. Since torque wrenches don't have a fixed attachment or a fixed head, it can be changed to different crowfoot heads such as 6 point or the 12 point, so that when we encounter different types of nuts and bolts, we may change to whatever is suitable depending on the situation

Who is the crowfoot suitable for?

Torque wrenches are important for extremely demanding jobs that require high accuracy such as aeronautical engineer, because for airplane parts, it will be dangerous if the parts are tightened too tightly or too loosely, so it’s very strict on accuracy. Torque wrenches are also very important for car mechanics, we wouldn’t want a small part dropping when we’re driving, it might be fine if it’s only a small part, but if it’s parts like tires falling off, making the tires and the frame car separate, not only will it be dangerous for the passengers, but also for surrounding cars, so this tool is extremely important for those who enjoy home repair or professional mechanics alike.

From the above, we can conclude that it is important for crowfoots to be able to withstand a certain amount of torque, so if the material and the processing of the crowfoot is not good enough, then it might not be able to withstand the torque from cars or airplanes, making it susceptible to breaking in the middle of using it, which poses a danger to the user and a risk of breaking tools and parts around the user.

There are plenty of brands to choose from on the market, but brands like Festar which put in actual efforts to research and test the crowfoots they produce are a rarity. We are a decade old tool brand that has been using the most suitable carbon steel material for our tools from the start, and have been using the most authentic processing technique no matter if its forging, heat treating, rolling, or electroplating, which is making our crowfoot not only hard, but also makes it way less likely to break apart when using it, reassuring our customers on the safety of our products. We also put in as much effort on the finishing process, a lot of brands may only care about the appearance of the product when electroplating and polishing, disregarding the safety issues. Polished and electroplated products might have raw edges due to the lack of maintenance to the forging die, which means there will be sharp edges on the surface of the product, if the raw edges are not taken care of it might hurt the customer. We also perform endurance tests on all our products, only wrenches that are able to withstand 1.5 to 2 times the standard torque are a qualified product to us.

And we choose the size of the metric (metric) or imperial (sae) based on various aspects of analysis, research and customer advice and the combination of the size, so that customers no matter in auto repair, bus repair or home DIY can not worry about not buying the right size or can not find the right size and need to buy again.