Flare nut crowfoot use

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【Festar Tools】American tool brand – Flare nut crowfoot

Why do you need flare nut crowfoot? What is the usage of flare nut crowfoot?

The main purpose of the design is to reach into places that are difficult for wrenches and ratchet to reach. It is very important to know how to use the flare nut crowfoot wrench, if you do not use it right way, it is possible to damage the bolt and nut. In this article, we will teach you when you will need flare nut crowfoot, who need flare nut crowfoot and where you can get flare nut crowfoot.

When do you need flare nut crowfoot?

There are many different kinds of flare nut crowfoot in the market, including 6 point flare nut crowfoot and 12 point flare nut crowfoot, the invention of these different flare nut crowfoot brings a very important value, that is, can be used in the torque wrench. Since the design of the torque wrench does not have a fixed insert or fixed head, it can be changed into different flare nut crowfoot according to different situations, so when encountering different bolts and nuts, or in different environments, user can choose which one to use.

Who need flare nut crowfoot?

Torque wrenches are important for extremely demanding jobs that require high accuracy such as aeronautical engineer, because for airplane parts, it will be dangerous if the parts are tightened too tightly or too loosely, so it’s very strict on accuracy. Torque wrenches are also very important for car mechanics, we wouldn’t want a small part dropping when we’re driving, it might be fine if it’s only a small part, but if it’s parts like tires falling off, making the tires and the frame car separate, not only will it be dangerous for the passengers, but also for surrounding cars, so this tool is extremely important for those who enjoy home repair or professional mechanics alike.

From the above we can know that it is important if flare nut crowfoot can withstand a certain torque or not, so if the material and processing technique is not good enough, it is likely that the flare nut crowfoot cannot withstand the torque of the car or aircraft, causing danger to the user or accidentally damage the equipment and parts around.

There are many different brands in the market to choose, but very few of them have really put much effort into research, testing and development as Festar. Festar has been a tool manufacturer for decades, and we choose the most suitable carbon steel material from the beginning of the material selection. Our customers don't have to worry about safety and can work without worry. We have made a lot of efforts in electroplating. Many brands only care about the beauty of the product when electroplating, but do not care about the safety. The product with electroplating is likely to cause sharp plating surface protruding out, and if the burr is too serious, it is likely to cause customer scratching and injury. Finally, we will also check whether the torque of the product is up to the standard, it must reach 1.5-2 times of the standard torque for us to be a qualified product.

And we choose the size of the metric (metric) or imperial (sae) based on various aspects of analysis, research and customer advice and the combination of the size, so that customers no matter in auto repair, bus repair or home DIY can not worry about not buying the right size or can not find the right size and need to buy again.